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[26 Jul 2004|10:43am]

since posting on the journal didn't work cuz i'm not on friends list i'll post here....i hope ur feeling better.......but just wannt say i'm sry

the kittens that is
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if your secrets are a buck, here's a twenty [26 Jul 2004|01:29am]

[ mood | sad ]

I just thought everyone should know that Caliese that other hot mod, rescued this kittens and the last 2 of them died today.

it's really sad, cause she tried so hard to take care of them, so why don't you leave her some love, her journal is. .


you guys rock.

molly & Chuck


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[24 Jul 2004|10:36pm]

and the squirel said...Collapse )
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[14 Jul 2004|11:49pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

(1)name/ nickname Archie/Art
(2)top 3 bands Foo Fighters, Kid Rock (before he went gay), Presidents of the United States of America
(3) worse 3 bands creed, outcast, red hot chillie pepers
(4) best movie Topgun/Lion King
(5) worse movie The Secret Window
(6) your best feature and why I guess my hair, dunno why
(7) biggest flaw and why Guess my body in general. I feel fat.
(8) worse enemy and why Dont really have one. I guess some kid a knew about 3 years ago named travis. he was a prick.
(9) what makes you think you're good enough I dont. I just wanted to feel special.
(10) 3 pictures of youself, no more, no less.

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[04 Jul 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | wet. lmao ]

applicationCollapse )

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[04 Jul 2004|12:09am]


appCollapse )</strong>

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[01 Jul 2004|05:39pm]
ok. let's get it started niggaaas.

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[30 Jun 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | curious ]

let the games begin

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